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Are Laser Shows Safe ?

Yes! Our Laser Shows Are 100% Safety Guaranteed

Before every show, an ILDA certified LSO (Laser Safety Officer) will evaluate all safety aspects and setup the show to be 100% safe. Our lasers are equipped with advanced safety systems and backup failsafes which allow us to guarantee an eye safe show.

For overhead beam shows we a solid aluminum beam block at the aperture which provides a 100% reliable barrier so under no circumstance can a beam enter the audience area

For audience scanning shows we use a combination of techniques combined with backup safety systems to ensure under no circumstance can eye exposure limit be exceeded

Do Your Lasers Require a Lot of Power ? Do They Need Water ?

Absolutely Not!

In the past, lasers required massive amounts of power and water for cooling. Modern day Solid State Lasers can be thought of as the equivalent to an LED instead of a light bulb. As a result very little power is required to run them, allowing up to 4 to be combined on a standard 120V 15 Amp circuit.

All of our lasers are air cooled by a small internal fan, absolutely no water is required.

Modern lasers are easy and convenient!

What is Laser Radiation ? I Often See The Term Laser Radiation, Is it Dangerous ?

No! It’s not that kind of radiation

Laser radiation is quite simply light energy, just as ordinary light bulb produces electromagnetic radiation (light energy). Visible light is an electromagnetic wave ranging from around 390 nanometers in length (Violet) to around 700 nanometers (Deep Red).

Visible light is a relatively small section of the electromagnetic spectrum with tv, am and fm radio and even sound waves being an example of longer wavelength waves, and Ultraviolet and X-Rays being an example of shorter wavelength waves.

The difference is that laser light is coherent. Coherent means that all waves have and are at the same wavelength / frequency, aligned and in-phase, which gives it special properties over standard incoherent light, such as the ability to be tightly focused and a noticeable purity and intensity of colour.

Just like looking at the sun, looking directly into a laser can damage eyesight when intense enough. When setting up and evaluating a laser show for safety, we ensure all high powered beams are safely overhead and out of reach, where they are 100% safe. Audience scanning is a technique of de-focusing the lasers when low / mid powered beams can safely envelop the audience. While it requires special hardware, numerous measurements and very strict planning, it can be a breathtakingly beautiful effect.

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ILDA International Laser Display Association member and certified LSO Laser Safety Officer

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