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We will be adding to this page as time allows, but here’s a short description in the mean time of what we offer.

  • We offer repairs of all types of laser projectors. In general they are always repairable, though sometimes for very low quality / low cost lasers it can be more cost effective to upgrade or replace it.
  • Typically for lasers of 1W or greater it can be worthwhile repairing them. We guarantee all our work, so rest assured we will fix the problem. Upon inspection we can give you an estimate of the costs and repair time needed.
  • Our initial pricing is $75 (drop off to office) or $125 (on-site service call), which covers the cost of inspection, during which we’ll determine the problem and provide you with an estimate of costs of any parts required and labour for the repair. If you decide to go ahead with it, the $75 will be discounted from the total cost of the repair.
  • To set up an appointment, please use out contact form or give us a call.