* All of the above are actual pictures of our laser shows
Based in Vancouver, B.C., we specialize in laser shows and effects.

We provide laser show production services and rentals; beautiful full colour vividly textured beam shows. In venues of all types, from night clubs or small rental halls to full scale arena concerts and outdoor music festivals.

Vivid Textured Beams
Massive Arena Shows

Custom Logos and Graphics

We also specialize in laser graphics and animations, custom logos and laser advertising.

  Our lasers are all air cooled, solid state, and can run on standard 120v power.  Available in power levels up to 20 Watts, all our laser are capable of 16 million colours and high speed scanning, so whether looking for a massive open air beam show or displaying a company logo or animation, our laser will suit your needs.

Whatever your vision, our skilled laser technicians will make it a reality.

  We provide complete turnkey solutions, from pre-show consultations to complete setup and show control. We’ll work closely with you to create the effects you’re looking for, whether from our huge library of stock effects or custom made just for your show.

  As an option we can also offer eye safe audience scanning.  There’s nothing quite like being surrounded in beautiful 3d textures and colours, literally reaching out into the audience.  Our lasers are equipped with state of the art safety systems and failsafes, and through a combination of special optics, software, and complex calculations and measurements, eye safe audience scanning becomes a reality.

  One important aspect of every laser show is atmospheric fog or haze.  We can provide a range of options for haze and fog, and so regardless of small indoor venue or a vast open area outdoor show, we have a solution.

  Another important aspect is safety. With the greater availability of lasers over the last few years, there are many companies now operating high powered lasers without sufficient knowledge or training, and using unsafe imported laser gear. You can rest easy with us, as our lasers are equipped with state of the art safety systems, and are operated by a certified laser safety officer with years of experience.